LADIES!!! Are you ready to BE A SIGN & WONDER allowing the Kingdom of God to be in you and LIVE through you! ARE YOU ready to navigate  well  through life ’s transitions, walking with Holy Spirit and LIVE THE DREAM ABBA HAS FOR YOU! Perhaps you want to make a decision without overthinking or second-guessing? ⁣ Join me, the Letters of the Heart community & special guest as we guide you through Biblical principles to help you live out the dream God has for you! Grow In your relationship with God and to apply what you learn to your daily life, It will help develop a heart for Him and the people you are assigned to!  So that you can confidently move forward in your purpose and enjoy the life God intended for you.

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  • Knowing Him
  • What is His Dream for Me
  • Write the Vision

Discover The Dream He has for you!

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